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One of the most popular makers of automotive navigation systems, Tom Tom is a Dutch-based company that provides consumers with TomTom sat nav stand-alone units and Tom Tom sat nav software that can be used on mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Tom Tom is currently one of the market leaders in Portable Navigation Devices and has offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

What type of products does TomTom Sat Nav offer?

There are two types of products currently offered by TomTom sat nav and these are navigation devices, which are stand-alone TomTom sat nav units, and navigation software that can be installed on a wide range of mobile devices.

Both products use a standard TomTom sat nav interface that uses a slanted bird’s-eye view of the map, although the TomTom sat nav interface does offer a direct overhead view of the map as well. The TomTom sat nav units use a GPS receiver that allows the device to display the exact location and once you have entered your destination the TomTom sat nav provides both spoken and visual direction on how to get to the location you have chosen.

Some of the TomTom sat nav systems allow for mobile devices to be integrated using Bluetooth and will provide data regularly updating maps of traffic congestion on the route you are taking and can even provide alternative routes on your TomTom sat nav device to avoid congested areas.

What is the current TomTom sat nav product range?

Tom Tom currently offers a wide range of Tom Tom sat nav products that will suit the individual requirements of each user. The Tom Tom sat nav product ranges available are as follows:

TomTom One and TomTom One XL – These are the entry level units of the TomTom sat nav range and offer the standard map displays, touch screen and both verbal and visual directions. The TomTom sat nav devices also provide easy in-car mounting and are plug and go ready, which means that there is no setting up required before you can use the TomTom sat nav device. The TomTom One XL version has a slightly larger 4.3” screen than the screen on the TomTom One. The TomTom One and One XL are the lowest priced units in the TomTom sat nav range and are excellent for those just looking for a basic sat nav device.

TomTom Go and TomTom Go Live– The TomTom Go and Go Live are all-in-one GPS navigation devices that offer users all the functions of the TomTom One range but also come with extra features like:

IQ route management, which allows your TomTom sat nav to find the fastest routes using actual road speed data and provides the best route depending on the time and day.

Advanced lane guidance, which provides TomTom sat nav users with a high level of clarity when navigating the more difficult junctions.

This TomTom sat nav range also provides more accurate GPS positioning, faster route updates if you make deviations to your route, and has a text to voice facility to advise you of road names and numbers. This TomTom sat nav range is more expensive than the TomTom One range but offers more features and the hardware is higher specification and therefore much faster.

The TomTom Go Live has the added benefit of the Live service, which provides TomTom sat nav users with access to facilities like High Definition Traffic, fuel prices, safety alerts and Local search using Google. This service is free to TomTom sat nav users for the first three months but after this period a monthly subscription for the service will be required.

TomTom rider 2nd edition – This TomTom sat nav device is for use on bikes and although it offers the same facilities as the in-car version it does have features unique to bike riders.

The touch screen on this TomTom sat nav device is 3.5” and is glove-friendly.

The TomTom sat nav device is secured to the bike using a secure RAM mount, which is a robust design that can handle the extreme conditions that can be experienced on a bike.

The Cardo helmet connection allows riders to use their TomTom sat nav device to make calls using wireless bluetooth connectivity.

Tom Tom Navigator 6 – This TomTom sat nav software package provides mobile and PDA users with TomTom HOME software and maps of 20 countries in Western Europe. The TomTom sat nav software is quick and simple to install and provides street level maps for almost every area.

Once the TomTom sat nav software is installed on the mobile device it offers easy-to-use menu systems that will allow you to plan your routes in any way you wish. The TomTom sat nav software provides both 2D and 3D maps and uses visual and verbal instruction to direct you to your destination.

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