» Conflict of interests mean Clarkson sat nav deal is scrapped

It has been revealed that a deal between sat nav manufacturing giant Tom Tom and the BBC has been scrapped due to conflict of interests arising over one of its big stars voicing a sat nav.

There are many sat nav systems that use the voices of stars to tell us which direction to take, bringing a novelty factor to these satellite navigation systems and making them a little more appealing compared to some of the sat navs that use the standard, sometimes droning, voices that are more likely to send us to sleep than to send us in the right direction.

For fans of the programme Top Gear there may have been an exciting new addition coming to the novelty sat nav market in the form of a Tom Tom sat nav voiced by none other than Jeremy Clarkson himself. However, fans who were hoping to get their hands on one of these sat navs will be disappointed to hear that the deal has had to be pulled.

According to reports, the BBC has been forced to pull out of the deal with the sat nav manufacturing giant because of a conflict of interests, where Clarkson was not allowed to endorse car related products because of his role in the Top Gear programme.

However, there is a slight problem in that Tom Tom has already been delivering the product to stores for sale before the agreement had even been finalised. A BBC spokesman said: “In order to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest in the minds of viewers, BBC Worldwide and TomTom have agreed that all monies that would have been due to BBC Worldwide will be paid to BBC Children in Need together with an additional charitable donation by TomTom.”

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