» More Deals and Options for Sat Nav Buyers

tomtomUsers of satellite navigation now have more options than ever before thanks to some rather interesting market trends. The line dividing personal navigation devices (PNDs) and smartphones is becoming blurrier every day. That’s because the popularity of mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads and Androids have prompted many sat nav providers to offer applications compatible with such devices.

TomTom recently announced that they have released their own app for Apple’s iPad, adding to their existing app for the iPhone. The release comes on the heels of falling sales of physical PNDs and the rising sales of smartphone devices.

This is not necessarily bad for businesses like TomTom or even consumers for that matter. The change is opening doors for the company that may not have been seen even a few years ago, and consumers can reap the benefits. New PNDs will be “connected” through cellular networks to services like Yelp, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Twitter. Yes, we said Twitter. The new devices can be setup to announce travel plans, future destinations, and even travel times. TomTom is calling the new features “apps” in keeping with smartphone lingo, and apps like Yelp can help consumers find user reviews for potential destinations in more highly categorized areas (bars, nightclubs, etc).

These new releases and upgrades come with an added benefit: falling prices. As PND carriers shift slowly to wireless internet for their future endeavors, current devices will reap the benefits of smartphone focus in a sat nav device, all while sales slowly decline and companies look to make personal navigation devices more attractive.

Finding deals on satellite navigation devices is going to be easier to do as more and more users adopt smartphones as part of their daily lives. With features on the rise and prices on the decline, now may be the best time for consumers looking for money-saving options in sat nav.

Guest author Ross Fraser from money saving website Peazyshop offers his insight into sat nav deals for consumers.

Note: Photo courtesy of padsbrother via FlickR Creative Commons.