» Local Transport Minister calls sat nav summit

It has been announced that the Local Transport Minister, Norman Baker, has called a sat nav summit to try and iron out issues relating to out of date or incorrect directions on these devices.

Many of us have heard about or even been involved in incidents involving sat navs providing outdated information and incorrect directions. At best, this can be frustrating and annoying – at worst it can be dangerous and could lead to accidents and injury.

This is something that the government is now looking to tackle, with reports that the Local Transport Minister, Norman Baker, has called a sat nav summit that will be attended by a variety of industry experts and groups in a bid to try and iron out these issues.

Baker said: “Out of date directions mean misdirected traffic – a scourge of local communities. It is vital highway authorities, mapping companies and satnav manufacturers work more closely together to provide drivers with accurate, up-to-date information on traffic restrictions such as narrow roads or low bridges. This will help prevent huge lorries from being sent down inappropriate roads and ensure motorists are given the best possible directions. The summit is timely because from April we are allowing local authorities to reclassify roads – ensuring A roads are placed where they want traffic to run and lowering the category of road in places they want traffic to avoid – rather than having to come to Whitehall for approval. These powers will help councils make sure that drivers are using suitable routes.”

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