» Fancy a bite to eat? Get on your sat nav!

With new technology being tested in Japan, users of sat nav devices could soon be able to order meals via their sat navs when they fancy a bite to eat.

These days, many people use their sat nav devices to get around the find their way around in places that they are unfamiliar with. There are many different sat navs to choose from, with both small and large models, high tech and basic models, and ones that come with a range of celebrity voices to keep you entertained whilst you are on the road.

It has been reported recently that experts in Japan are now looking at making sat navs even more useful, as they have developed and are testing a test nav device that enables hungry motorists to order food via their sat nav device! In Japan motorists will be able to use the “Intel Transport System” technology that is used in Japan to select food from a McDonalds menu, with the food chain having been chosen because of the ease of picking up items.

As the technology continues to gain popularity more and more eateries are likely to be added to the system, so drivers may be able to enjoy choosing from a range of dining options if they fancy something to eat. The sat nav can be used to select menu items and pay when the driver is within a couple of kilometers of the restaurant.

Whilst the technology is not available in the UK at the moment, if it proves successful in Japan it is likely that it will be headed this way soon, which will be great for drivers who want to enjoy increased ease and convenience when ordering food whilst on the go.

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