» Drivers like sat navs that make their journey more fun

Many sat nav devices can be really dull and dreary in terms of the content and voiceover. However, more and more drivers are now enjoying the light hearted aid of comedy sat navs to liven their journey up.

Having a sat nav is something that has become essential to many drivers these days in order to help them to get around and speed up their journey from A to B. However, many drivers who end up with a standard sat nav find that the content and the voiceover that is used it extremely dull and makes their journey all the more miserable, albeit that it shows them the way.

According to a recent report from motor retail giant Halfords a rising number of people are now opting for comedy sat navs voiced by celebrities, as this helps to brighten up their journey, lighten the mood, and keeps them interested in what the sat nav is telling them rather than boring them into submission!

The retailer said that interest in celebrity voiced comedy sat navs had increased since Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame voiced a Tom Tom device. The retailer has recently added a Homer Simpson sat nav to its range, so drivers can enjoy listening to Homer’s familiar voice along with the various hilarious sayings and mannerisms we have all come to know and love.

An official from Halfords said: “Motorist are looking to introduce a little levity into their journeys. It seems that people do like a voice with a sense of humour and it’s the traditional old favourite phrases that go down best.”

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