» Rising number of people suffering from ’sat nav rage’

A recent report compiled from a survey of British drivers has shown that a rising number of people are now experiencing what has become known as ’sat nav rage’.

Most people these days have heard of road rage and may even be someone that regularly experiences road rage. However, there is now a new form of ‘rage’ for drivers to experience whilst they are on the road – ’sat nav rage’ which seems to come with the territory for those that have the popular dashboard devices.

A recent study was carried out amongst two thousand drivers in the UK, with a combination of both male and female drivers being polled. The study showed that a massive sixty percent of people who used sat nav devices had lost their tempers with the devices.

One of the ways in which drivers were found to take out their anger and frustration regarding their sat navs was to shout and swear at the device whilst they were driving. A number of things were found to particularly annoy drivers, which included voiceovers that they found to be annoying, being given unclear directions, having dated maps and being take on unnecessary trips.

Around 47 percent of those polled said that they had a love hate relationship with their sat nav devices. A fifth said that they often became angry with the sat nav whilst one tenth said that they got angry or stressed with every journey that they went on.

Source - RAC