» Garmin unveils range of new Nuvi sat nav devices

Satellite navigation giant Garmin has recently announced a range of new products in its Nuvi sat nav range, which are expected to hit the shelves at the start of next year.

Sat nav products have become more high tech and more affordable over recent years, with a number of satellite navigation specialist firms bringing out a great choice and range of products that are designed to meet the needs of different types of users and consumers, from those looking for basic sat nav devices to those that want something that is more advanced.

Pretty soon consumers in the UK could be looking forward to an even wider choice of sat nav products from one of the satellite navigation giants Garmin, which has recently announced a wide range of additions to its Nuvi sat nav products range. This means that people will find it even easier to get just what they want in terms of their satellite navigation needs.

The sat nav giant has announced the release of a variety of sat navs covering systems for basic, intermediate and advanced needs. These will be made available under three different ranges to reflect the purpose of the different systems, which will be Essential, Advanced and Premium.

Garmin’s Director of Product Management, Clive Taylor, said: “We are proud to bring out a complete range of new products: Essential, Advanced and Premium. These showcase 3D traffic, and new levels of Guidance which makes the navigation experience quick and simple, more intuitive, easier and faster.”

Source - Pocket GPS World