» Garmin releases two new sat nav ranges

Consumers that rely on sat nav systems to get around can now choose from two new ranges from the popular sat nav manufacturer Garmin.

According to recent report the popular sat nav system manufacturer, Garmin, has launched two new sat nav ranges, giving consumers even more choice in this rapidly rising market. Many people have become reliant on sat nav systems to get around with ease over the past couple of years, and with a good choice of manufacturers and sat nav devices to choose from the market has become increasingly competitive. The two new ranges from Garmin will now provide consumers with increased choice.

The two new ranges that are being offered by Garmin are the Garmin nĂ¼vi 1200 Series and the Garmin 1300 Series. The two ranges will include five new sat nav devices between them, and will offer and range of both standard and new features for sat nav enthusiasts to enjoy and benefit from. Both the new ranges boast a sleek design and modern look.

The models in the two sat nav ranges will also offer features such as pedestrian mode, with the devices using CityXplorer maps as standard. Although the models in the ranges will use the same base technology, officials have said that they will vary in terms of their screen size as well as in terms of price.

The 1200 series from Garmin has a smaller 3.5 inch touch screen, and is offered as the entry level series for consumers. The 1300 series will come with a 4.3 inch screen. The models are offered with additional features, and this includes a feature that even helps to manage and control fuel efficiency for drivers through the use of ecoRoute feature. Whilst the new ranges have already been launched in the United States, officials have said that they should be launched in the UK later on this year.

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