» Enjoy style and innovation with the Garmin nüvi 1310

Drivers that use the Garmin nüvi 1310 can look forward to owning a stylish sat nav system that is packed with innovative features yet is very simple to use.

Most drivers these days want a sat nav system that combines innovative design and advanced technology with a stylish appearance and practicality, and this is exactly what the Garmin nüvi 1310 offers. With the Garmin nüvi 1310 drivers can combine practicality and ease of use with stylish design and high tech features, making it the ideal companion for drivers.

With the Garmin nüvi 1310 drivers will be able to benefit from a range of features, and can make their journeys far easier, far more convenient, and far more enjoyable. The system has a widescreen design so that it is easy to read and navigate, and comes with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling drivers to use their phones hands free so that road safety is not compromised.

Lane assist, speed camera warnings, and pedestrian mode are just a few of the features that are offered by the Garmin nüvi 1310, making it the ideal choice for all sorts of drivers. This system is also compatible with AA City Guides and CityXplorer, making it an even more useful tool for both drivers and pedestrians that want to make the most of their time whilst visiting different areas.

Drivers will find that the Garmin nüvi 1310 comes with a very reasonable price tag, for which users can enjoy the many benefits of the system as well as having the peace of mind that they have a popular device that comes from a well known and reputable manufacturer.