Fancy a bite to eat? Get on your sat nav!

Monday, March 5th, 2012

With new technology being tested in Japan, users of sat nav devices could soon be able to order meals via their sat navs when they fancy a bite to eat.

These days, many people use their sat nav devices to get around the find their way around in places that they are unfamiliar with. There are many different sat navs to choose from, with both small and large models, high tech and basic models, and ones that come with a range of celebrity voices to keep you entertained whilst you are on the road.


Local Transport Minister calls sat nav summit

Monday, January 16th, 2012

It has been announced that the Local Transport Minister, Norman Baker, has called a sat nav summit to try and iron out issues relating to out of date or incorrect directions on these devices.

Many of us have heard about or even been involved in incidents involving sat navs providing outdated information and incorrect directions. At best, this can be frustrating and annoying – at worst it can be dangerous and could lead to accidents and injury.


Drivers like sat navs that make their journey more fun

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Many sat nav devices can be really dull and dreary in terms of the content and voiceover. However, more and more drivers are now enjoying the light hearted aid of comedy sat navs to liven their journey up.

Having a sat nav is something that has become essential to many drivers these days in order to help them to get around and speed up their journey from A to B. However, many drivers who end up with a standard sat nav find that the content and the voiceover that is used it extremely dull and makes their journey all the more miserable, albeit that it shows them the way.


Despite Breakthrough Gadgets, Sat Navs Will Hold Strong

Friday, September 9th, 2011

123Despite Breakthrough Gadgets, Sat Navs Will Hold Strong

As smartphone and tablet technology is pushed to the limit, mobile manufacturers would like the world to think that these devices can carry out any job imaginable. A smartphone can capture video one moment and act as a GPS the next. What this really results in is lower-quality videos and somewhat unpredictable directions as most mobile technology relies on spotty signals in high mobility situations. For manufacturers of dedicated sat navs, this means that their uni-tasking devices still have a place in the market.

Performance Unparalleled
One of the key features that can make smartphones and tablets unreliable as directional GPS units is their lack of dedicated maps. These mobile devices rely on a 3G or 4G connection while on the move to continually update maps and directions. Unfortunately, download speeds in high mobility situations are unpredictable at best.

Sat nav units have been pre-installed with global maps that can be quickly downloaded and updated via a hard line connection to a computer or a wireless connection with a satellite. For many drivers, this is enough reason to push for a Sat Nav device to complement their smartphone or tablet. Luckily for these customers, companies such as TomTom have decided they are going to stay true to their portable navigation devices (PNDs) and at the same time take a page from social media to make their products more appealing.
Getting Connected

Sometimes, travelers are looking for just a little something more than directions. They are looking to remain connected with friends, find the best places to go in town, and book their reservations ahead of time. This is why TomTom and other manufacturers have begun working with titans such as Yelp, Expedia, and Google to make their GPS units a PND and so much more. At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, owners of these devices will be able to search out their favorite restaurants by customer rating and then request an early check-in at their hotel a moment later.

TomTom has also worked alongside Twitter to offer a handful of new features with their next generation of navigational units. Drivers will be able to update others on their location and estimated time of arrival without constant phone calls or text messages. While even the management of TomTom is predicting as much as a 20% drop in sales over the next year, it seems that sat navs will hold strong with a few of these tricks up their sleeves.

Guest author David Novak of new gadgets website TheGadgetGuyColumn shares his insight on the future of Sat Nav.

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More Deals and Options for Sat Nav Buyers

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

tomtomUsers of satellite navigation now have more options than ever before thanks to some rather interesting market trends. The line dividing personal navigation devices (PNDs) and smartphones is becoming blurrier every day. That’s because the popularity of mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads and Androids have prompted many sat nav providers to offer applications compatible with such devices.

TomTom recently announced that they have released their own app for Apple’s iPad, adding to their existing app for the iPhone. The release comes on the heels of falling sales of physical PNDs and the rising sales of smartphone devices.

This is not necessarily bad for businesses like TomTom or even consumers for that matter. The change is opening doors for the company that may not have been seen even a few years ago, and consumers can reap the benefits. New PNDs will be “connected” through cellular networks to services like Yelp, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Twitter. Yes, we said Twitter. The new devices can be setup to announce travel plans, future destinations, and even travel times. TomTom is calling the new features “apps” in keeping with smartphone lingo, and apps like Yelp can help consumers find user reviews for potential destinations in more highly categorized areas (bars, nightclubs, etc).

These new releases and upgrades come with an added benefit: falling prices. As PND carriers shift slowly to wireless internet for their future endeavors, current devices will reap the benefits of smartphone focus in a sat nav device, all while sales slowly decline and companies look to make personal navigation devices more attractive.

Finding deals on satellite navigation devices is going to be easier to do as more and more users adopt smartphones as part of their daily lives. With features on the rise and prices on the decline, now may be the best time for consumers looking for money-saving options in sat nav.

Guest author Ross Fraser from money saving website Peazyshop offers his insight into sat nav deals for consumers.

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Sat Nav systems to be fitted to rickshaws in India

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Whilst sat nav systems have become a familiar site in taxi cabs, many will be surprised to learn that they are now to be fitted to the traditional transportation mode of rickshaws in New Delhi.

For most people in places like the UK and the USA having a sat nav device in the car is commonplace. In fact, many vehicles now come with built in sat nav systems, which means that you don’t have to worry about purchasing one and securing it onto the windscreen only to have to remember to remove it again when you leave the car in case of break ins.

Need a sat nav to help you shop?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Sat navs are devices traditionally linked to driving a vehicle but one supermarket giant is now using this technology to help shoppers to find their way around stores when shopping.

Most people that use a sat nav device use it in their vehicles to help them to get from A to B whilst on the road. However, many people could soon be using sat nav to help them when they are out shopping. This is because one supermarket giant is launching a sat nav application that could prove very useful in helping shoppers to find their way around the huge supermarkets when trying to locate the products and groceries that they want.

More Spirit sat navs launched by MIO

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

It has been reported that MIO has this week released a new batch of satellite navigation devices under its Spirit range, with a choice of sizes and prices to choose from.

Satellite navigations devices have become increasingly popular over recent years, and whilst some people these days have built in sat nav devices in their cars or use sat nav apps on their smart phones there are still many people looking for regular sat nav devices at affordable prices and with a range of features that will help to make their car journeys easier and faster.

Men ignore their sat nav devices

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Following a recent study it has been revealed that men are more likely to ignore their sat nav device when driving whereas more women will cling on to its every word.

When it comes to navigating their way around in a vehicle many men and women are very different to one another. Men are known to be loath to ask for directions even if they are struggling to find their way around. Women on the other hand are often seen as being poor readers of maps and atlases. When the sat nav came along it was hoped that these issues would be wiped out.

Cyber terrorism could bring the country to a halt

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

With so many people reliant on satellite navigation systems and GPS that it is feared that something along the lines of a cyber attack could bring the nation to a halt.

These days more and more people have become reliant on satellite navigations systems. Whilst GPS systems can be very convenient and provide people with ease and simplicity when getting around there are fears that consumers’ reliance on these devices could cause problems in the event of something along the lines of a cyber terrorism attack.