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RAC is one of the largest and most progressive motoring organisations in the UK and provides services for both business and private motorists. Amongst the various services that RAC offers are breakdown cover, car insurance, vehicle checks and inspection, learning to drive, and up-to-the-minute travel and traffic information. RAC also sells a number of products including a great range of RAC sat nav devices that provide users with a perfect navigation solution.

For the last three years the UK Roadside Assistance Study carried out by J.D. Power and Associates has ranked the RAC as number one for customer service, which shows RAC is committed to offering its members the highest levels of service.

RAC SatNav systems

RAC has concentrated on providing a high-quality range of RAC satnav devices with excellent software included with each RAC sat nav device that allows for additional maps to be downloaded and comes with a whole host of other content that will keep your RAC sat nav device up-to-date.

As with most other sat nav devices the RAC satnav uses GPS receivers in order to provide users with an exact location and also, with the use of the pre-installed maps, the RAC sat nav can create an accurate course to any destination that is required by the user. Users of the RAC sat nav devices will get visual and verbal information to get them where they need to get to go without the need to constantly check the RAC sat nav device. The maps on the RAC sat nav device are displayed in a standard sat nav format, which is a birds-eye view but at a slight angle to make it easier to follow the visual routes and help users to maintain their bearings when using an RAC satnav device.

What is the current RAC sat nav system range?

You will find a number of high-quality RAC sat nav devices available to buy that provide excellent feature that make the RAC sat nav quick and easy to operate. All the RAC satnav devices provide users with simple to understand maps with a touch-screen that removes the need to press buttons, which can be difficult whilst on the move. A couple of RAC sat nav devices available include:

RAC 300 UK/ROI Sat Nav

This RAC satnav system has a wide screen 3.5” touch-screen display, which makes the RAC sat nav device easy to use with no buttons to fiddle with. There are a number of great features available on this RAC sat nav device that will make it far easier to plot out the shortest or fastest routes to your destination and offers everything you need to plan you entire trip. The features provided with this RAC sat nav system are:

3.5” widescreen touch-screen with post code search – This display on the RAC sat nav system is touch sensitive and uses a simple and intuitive menu system that has a postcode search facility to make finding your destination much easier.

SMS style Quick search TM Facility and fixed safety camera location – this feature offers quick and easy access to information on your RAC sat nav device that will help to avoid jams and warn of accident blackspots, which should making getting to your destination a much faster and easier job.

Searchable Points of Interest – a fully searchable database of hotels, restaurants or other Points of Interest on your RAC sat nav that is an ideal tool if you are looking to either stop for a break or for a spot of sightseeing.

Route planning with ETA and distance remaining – with this feature on your RAC sat nav you will get a more precise indication of how far you have left on your journey and when you will be arriving. This will mean that with this RAC satellite navigation facility you will know exactly when you will be arriving at your destination.

RAC 315 UK/ROI Sat Nav

The 4.3” widescreen touch-screen display is the only difference with this RAC sat nav device and the previous model. The features that come with this RAC sat nav device are the same as the RAC 300 model, which means that the only big benefit of this RAC satnav system is the larger display that means that viewing the maps is far clearer, making it easier to read streets and directions.

The software that comes with all the RAC sat nav systems is called Homesync and allows users to download additional maps, travel information and safety cameras, colour schemes, voices, weather forecasts and travel guides. This ensures that any RAC satnav model is kept up-to-date and allows users to access all they need to get the most out of their RAC sat nav systems.

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