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Navman is a brand that is well known around the world for its GPS navigation products. The Navman sat nav product range offers customers a variety of devices that are excellent value for money and provide a great range of features and facilities.

MiTAC International Corporation currently own the Navman brand, which now pioneers new navigation technology in key areas of the market as part of the Mio family of companies.

What type of products does Navman sat nav offer?

Navman sat nav specialises in in-car devices, all of which come with a great range of desktop and laptop software to manage your device.

GPS receivers are built into all of the Navman sat nav devices which allow for an accurate and exact location to be obtained on the Navman sat nav devices and provide both visual and verbal directions to any location you choose on you Navman sat nav device. All Navman sat nav devices use a birds-eye map view that is slightly slanted to allow for easy viewing of maps and the visual directions that are provided although a 2D option is also available if required.

Traffic packs for the Navman sat nav devices either come integrated into the more expensive devices or as an optional extra for the lower end models. The TMC or Traffic Message Channel provides real-time information regarding traffic on your Navman sat nav device and alerts you to any roadworks, congestion and accidents on the route you are taking.

What is the current Navman sat nav product range?

The Navman sat nav range offers a wide selection of choices that will allow users to find a Navman sat nav device that provides all the features they require from their in-car sat nav system. The Navman sat nav range provides entry level, mid range and high end devices with more facilities available the higher up the range you get. Amongst the many models that are available are:

Navman S30 – This Navman sat nav device comes with a 3.5” touch screen and is intelligently designed to make using the device quick and simple. The S30 Navman sat nav device is also ready to use straight out of the box so no setting up is required. It also comes with the following features:

Intelligent day/night display – provides clear map displays on your Navman sat nav device day and night to make viewing easier on the eyes.

2D/3D map view – allows you to choose between the regular 3D map view and a 2D birds-eye map view on you Navman sat nav depending on your personal preference.

Navmans iUpData – gives you the ability to update the maps on your Navman sat nav device so that you always have the most up-to-date information when planning your routes.

Pre-installed safety camera data (Free Trial) – preloaded onto your Navman sat nav device are the latest locations of safety camera so you can be warned in advance of accident blackspots along your chosen route.

Navman S50 3D – This Navman sat nav device comes with a 4.3” touch screen and the same design and technical features as the S30 model but also provides the following added features:

Latest map data with 3D landmarks – provides all the latest map information on you Navman sat nav device and also displays Points of Interest (POI) and landmark as elevated 3D images making them easier to recognise.

Integrated hands-free calling via Bluetooth – by combining your Navman sat nav device with a Bluetooth capable mobile phone you can use your Navman sat nav to make hands-free calls and still receive directions to your destination.

Real-time traffic information incl. Route Traffic Overview (optional) – provides a constantly updating snapshot of the route ahead on your Navman sat nav with warnings of any traffic jams or holdups you might encounter.

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Navman S100 – This is the most sleek and stylish in the Navman satnav range with an ultra-slim 13.5mm design and a 4.3” super-flat wide screen display. The S100 Navman satnav device also comes with brand new ClearMaps that provides crystal clear, high quality maps on the wide screen display. As with the previous Navman satnav models it offers all the features mentioned above and also comes with:

Pioneering ‘spirit’ software and glide touch – advanced software that allows for more intuitive menus and navigation on your Navman sat nav device.

SiRFInstantFixII™ – offering a GPS fix 5 times faster than regular GPS Navman sat nav models, which means much faster route updates should your route require changing.

Pedestrian mode – allows you use your Navman satnav device when walking and it will provide routes appropriate to pedestrians.

Text to speech – allows the Navman sat nav device to provide directions using road names to give you a clearer idea of where you are without checking you screen.

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