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Navigon is one of the leading providers of navigation products and software solutions around the world. Navigon creates its own brand consumer products for navigation and also provides OEM customers that operate in wireless, automotive, and personal navigation sectors with its own innovative software solutions. Navigon sat nav products are supported by offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Navigon SatNav systems

In-car sat nav is the main area focused on by Navigon sat nav, with top quality software that allows you to upgrade maps, tools and software on your Navigon satnav device. Navigon satnav software is also available for mobile devices and PDA’s that will provide users with similar facilities to the regular stand-alone Navigon satnav systems.

As with other sat nav’s the Navigon sat nav devices come with built in GPS receivers that show your precise location and allows the device to plot a course to any destination you choose using the maps stored in the device. The Navigon sat nav system will then provide directions both verbally and visually, which makes getting there simple and effortless. The layout of the maps on-screen are similar to other sat navs in that they use a slanted birds-eye view but the big difference with the Navigon sat nav layout is that it shows roads realistically and with lane markings instead of just using lines, which makes viewing the roadmaps on your Navigon satnav a much easier task.

Navigon also provides a number of premium services and add-on packs for their Navigon sat nav devices. The premium services for your Navigon sat nav include a TMC (Traffic Message Channel) pack, which provides information on traffic hotspots along your route allowing you to arrive at your destination with fewer delays, and safety camera packs, which provide visual and audible warnings of safety cameras on your Navigon sat nav so you are more aware of accident blackspots. Add-on packs for your Navigon satnav devices provide a range of upgrades to many of the lower priced Navigon sat nav systems allowing you to customize your device to suit your needs. The add-ons available are Reality View, Text-to-speech, Landmark View 3D and Curve Warner.

What is the current Navigon sat nav product range?

There is a great choice of Navigon satnav devices available that should give users all the facilities they need from their sat nav system and even if they don’t find exactly what they need, many of the Navigon sat nav devices are customisable with a selection of add-on packs. Users can pick from the low priced entry level Navigon sat nav devices with standard sat nav features up to the high end Navigon sat nav devices that cost more but are packed with a huge range of great facilities making them the ultimate in simple yet intuitive navigation aids. Some of the Navigon sat nav models available are:

Navigon 1200 – This Navigon sat nav model comes with a 3.5” touch-screen display and has an intuitive user interface making it quick and easy to install in any car. Some of the useful features that are included with this Navigon sat nav model include:

Reality View Light – This feature displays the road on-screen as real looking roads with markings making it simpler to keep an overview of the road layouts and motorway exits on your Navigon sat nav.

Lane Assistant Pro – Provides a clear view of the roads ahead on your Navigon sat nav, notifying you when you need to change lanes and generally making it easier to make your way through even the most difficult traffic situations.

Speed Assistant – Shows you the current speed limit on your Navigon sat nav device and warns you if you go over it both visually and audibly.

Safety Camera – Whenever you are approaching a fixed radar location your Navigon sat nav device will provide both audible and visual warning to allow you to reduce your speed accordingly.

Navigon 2200 – This model of Navigon sat nav devices offers the same 3.5” screen as the 1200 and comes with the same intuitive user interface, which means it is just as easy to set up and use. It also comes with similar features to the entry level Navigon satnav model but with a few extra facilities like:

TMC (With TMC antenna integrated into the charger) – TMC or Traffic Message Channel provides you with information regarding accidents, traffic build ups and road works to help optimise your routes and get you where you need to be without being held up along the way. And with the charger and TMC cables combined it is easier to fit to your Navigon satnav and takes up less space in your car

Text-to-speech – reads out roads and names on your Navigon sat nav making it easier to concentrate on the road ahead.

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