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Garmin Nüvi

This product range encompasses all in-car Garmin sat nav devices with each model offering a variety of features tailored to suit individual requirements. The basic entry level Garmin sat nav models offer the usual touch screen facilities with a standard interface and map layout and are the lowest priced Garmin sat nav models in the range. The mid-range and top end Garmin sat nav models come with added features like larger touch screens, voice activated navigation and removable batteries. The functions that are available with the Nüvi range of Garmin sat nav devices, which are dependant on the models chosen, include:

Route planning – allows for longer and more complicated journeys to be saved on the Garmin sat nav device where you can specify via points and preview simulated turns.

Lane Assist – the Garmin sat nav device gives warning in advance of the correct lane to be in and helps avoid hesitation and confusion when at multi-lane junctions and motorways.

Smart Traffic Avoidance – provides real-time alerts along major routes that allows you to avoid jams, road works and accidents using either an integrated traffic receiver built into the Garmin sat nav device or using an optional external traffic receiver.

Touch-free phone calls – allows users to synchronise their Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with their Garmin sat nav device to allow hands free phone calls to be made from the Garmin sat nav device.

Garmin Sat Navs

Garmin is a manufacturer of in-car sat navs, handheld GPS units, portable navigation devices and GPS products for both the outdoor and the marine sector globally. It is one of the leading mobile navigation device companies in the world, providing users with a huge range of Garmin sat nav products.

Garmin Sat Nav Deals

Garmin sat nav devices cover a wide range of areas including in-car sat nav, motorcycle sat nav and Garmin sat nav software for mobile devices that are GPS ready.

The Garmin sat nav devices all use a GPS receiver that provides users with their precise location and will also allow Garmin sat nav devices to give accurate directions to any location chosen with both visual and verbal directions. The map displays on the Garmin sat nav devices are displayed in an angled birds-eye view format that makes the visual directions given on the map easier to follow.

Garmin sat nav also provides a range of in-car traffic receivers that attach to your Garmin sat nav GPS device and provides a wealth of information about the road ahead, making the routes you choose as problem free as possible, which means you will be able to get wherever you are going much faster by avoiding unnecessary traffic and road work delays.

What is the current Garmin sat nav product range?

There are a great range of Garmin sat nav products available that provide any user with everything they need. Garmin offers the following Garmin sat nav product range:

The zumo range – This product range caters for motorcycle riders and as well as having the same standard layout as the Nüvi Garmin sat nav range it also provides extra features that are of great benefit to bikers, which are:

Glove friendly touch screen – a touch screen with left handed control and large icon for easier operation of your Garmin sat nav device.

Sunlight readable, UV resistant, high brightness screen – a screen designed to make viewing easier on your Garmin sat nav device.

Motorcycle mounting – a mount for your Garmin sat nav device designed to fit anywhere on your bike and is waterproof, fuel resistant and vibration tested.

Garmin Mobile software – The Garmin Mobile software converts GSM ready mobile devices into a Garmin sat nav device offering many of the great facilities that can be found on the stand-alone Garmin sat nav models, such as:

Spoken turn-by-turn directions – provides verbal directions and the latest coverage of the whole of Europe including millions of Points of Interest in the same way as Garmin sat nav devices.

Hands free communication – provides hands free communication at the same time as providing you with your directions.

Global local search – provides access to local Points of Interest near your location and allows you to navigate there.

Garmin Online – provides access to traffic information, weather forecasts and much more.

Garmin also has a software package for tablet PCs and laptops to provide Garmin sat nav functionality on your portable devices. The software uses the GPS in your mobile device in conjunction with the City Navigator, which provides complete maps of Europe down to street level, to pinpoint your location on your mobile device and provide directions to any destination you enter on your mobile device in the same way you would on a regular Garmin sat nav device.

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