About SatNav Expert

Sat Nav Expert is an independent price comparison site based in the UK designed to help you find the best price on sat nav devices. We research all the sat nav deals on the market from the top retailers, so you know you will be getting the genuine product at the best price.

Why use Sat Nav Expert?

  • We list all the top electronics retailers and compare prices to allow to quickly and easily uncover the devices you want at the cheapest available price.
  • We research the prices daily to make sure we are listing all the best sat nav deals so you can be confident you’ve got your new device at the best price.
  • On top of comparing prices we also reveal stock availability, so you won’t waste time checking. Some of the sat nav devices are so popular that they often run out, particularly with limited edition models and around Christmas.
  • You get exactly the same price as you would by going directly to the retailer and you know you’re getting a really good deal by comparing prices.
  • We are independent of all retailers so can reveal which shops have the best deal without any of the marketing hype
  • Unlike the big price comparison sites we only list sat nav products, so you can be sure we know our market and have done our research to find you the best sat nav deals out there.

How does this site make money?

We are paid a small commission from the retailers we list every time we refer a sale. This doesn’t affect how we list the deals since we are independently owned and retailers can’t dictate how they are listed on our site. We’ll always aim to give you the facts about each deal so you can decide which offer is best.