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Binatone is a company that is located in manufacturing hubs and strategic consumer marketing and is kept at the forefront of its industry by living in an environment of new innovations and developments in design and technology.

The company has its main Headquarters in Hong Kong and also has offices in Central and Eastern Europe, China and the UK. For almost 50 years it has brought affordable consumer innovations to these areas.

In order to deliver consumer products like its Binatone satnav systems, which are user friendly, and offer the best design and functionality at a price that is affordable, it applies its expertise in marketing, research and production, which allows it to harness and develop both new and emerging technologies.

Binatone SatNav Systems

Binatone, like many of the other sat nav companies out there, has chosen to concentrate on in-car devices, which means that the Binatone satnav devices are packed with a great range of features that makes these Binatone sat nav systems an essential accessory for anyone looking to make any driving trip easy and hassle-free.

The Binatone satnav systems come with an optimized GPS receiver, which offers exceptionally fast and accurate location information and not only provides the route to your destination far quicker than most comparable sat navs but also makes the recalculation of your route on your Binatone sat nav should you deviate from your planned course in an instant. A Binatone sat nav will get you to your destination using verbal and visual direction so you don’t have to constantly check your Binatone sat nav to find out where to go next. The map view available on Binatone sat nav devices is the usual 3D style angled birds-eyes view, which is the more popular format as it usually makes it easier for users to follow the route on their Binatone satnav with the minimum of confusion, although there is also a 2D top-down birds eye view for those who prefer a more basic layout on their Binatone sat nav.

What is the current Binatone sat nav product range?

The range of products within the Binatone sat nav range offer excellent value for money and are both stylish and affordably priced. All the Binatone sat nav devices are easy to set up and the menu systems are designed to make planning routes and using the many functions on the Binatone sat nav devices as simple as possible. Choosing the most suitable binatone sat nav may be difficult but these are a few of the great Binatone satnav devices currently available:

Binatone C350

This Binatone sat nav model is a super thin design with a thickness of 17.5mm making it sleek, stylish and very easy to carry around. The display is a 3.5” super-bright, anti-reflective touchscreen with a stylus for easier use of the menu system and other features. The C350 Binatone sat nav offers a wide range of features that allow you to plan your trip down to the finest detail, including:

3.5” Anti-reflective, super bright touch screen – The display on this binatone sat nav allows you to see your map in total clarity, whether it is day or night and the stylus makes navigating through the Binatone sat nav menus much faster.

Bluetooth hands-free – allows you to use your Binatone sat nav to make hands-free phone calls when combined with a Bluetooth ready mobile device.

2D / 3D navigation view – allows you to view the maps and your directions on the Binatone satnav in either the standard 3D map view or as a 2D true birds-eye view layout so you can view your route information in a way that suits you.

Full postal code search – find your destination just by entering the post code of where you need to go on your Binatone sat nav. This will allow you to find a route to wherever you need to go in no time at all. It is worth noting that the post code feature on your Binatone satnav may not be available in some areas of the country.

Thousands of pre-installed points of interest – this provides a wealth of information on your Binatone sat nav including hotels, car parks, restaurants, petrol stations and much more, which means that wherever you are your Binatone sat nav will find just what you need.

Binatone X430

The X430 Binatone sat nav has the same features as the C350 model but has a rubberized design, which makes it more durable and hard wearing so it is less likely to be damaged in environments where the binatone sat nav may be knocked around. This Binatone satnav also comes with a slightly larger 4.3” display so viewing your maps or pictures is even clearer and easier to see.

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