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There is a huge range of sat nav deals to choose from

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and finding the best sat nav deal for your needs can be confusing. We compare cheap sat nav deals from all the top UK retailers to find the cheapest sat navs from reputable stockists. We aim to be the one stop shop for UK sat nav deals and comparison. We have also partnered with vehicle tracking company LocateA.

Best Sat Nav

Which Sat Nav is best? The best sat nav depends on what you plan to use your new gps system for. For example do you just need to travel in the UK or do you need to use your sat nav abroad? We hope to outline how to choose the best sat nav to buy with our easy to use sat nav comparison tables and guides.

Cheap Sat Nav

Cheap sat nav can sometimes be a false economy so don’t automatically choose the cheapest sat nav. Whilst there are any excellent cheap sat nav deals it is important to think about what you want from your new satellite navigation system rather than just going for the cheapest sat navs purely because of price. This site should help you chose the right satellite navigation at the best price.

Compare Sat Nav

We’re a sat nav comparison website so if you want to compare sat nav then you’re come to the right place! We compare sat navs from all manufacturers and from a wide range if retailers so when you compare sat nav deals with us you will always find a great product at a the best price as we’ve done all the research for you! This site is of a wide range of sites operated by a specialist price comparison company, Richweb Media Ltd, who specialise in finding the best price deals and offers form approved UK retailers so you can confidently order the best price sat nav from a trusted UK shop when you use our free service. We hope you enjoy using our free sat nav comparison service.

Which Sat Nav Is Best For Me?

A Quick Guide

When deciding which Sat Nav is the best for you, consider what you want from it before parting with your cash. Whilst price is an important factor for most people there are a number of other things to consider:

Locations covered

In additional to the UK, which all Sat Navs we list cover, do you plan to use your Sat Nav in Europe or further afield? In addition to the UK other destinations covered by many Sat Nav systems are the Republic of Ireland, Europe and North America.

Screen Size

Screen sizes typically range in width from 2.8 to 7 inches. Obviously the wider the screen the easier it will be to read and to input the destination.

Traffic Re-Routing

Even cheap Sat Nav systems often have a traffic alerts feature to offer you alternative routes to avoid congestion. This is one of the most popular features and is available on some of the cheapest Sat Nav models. When you compare Sat Nav systems it’s worth looking out for those that have this handy feature if you are regularly travelling through congested areas (which applies to most of the UK!)

Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling

This feature allows you to use your mobile phone hands-free with your Sat Nav meaning you’re less likely to get pulled over by the police or have a accident.


Cheap Sat Navs now cost well under £100 though some of the best Sat Nav systems can cost 3 times this amount.

Compare Sat Nav Deals To Find The Cheapest Price

Once you have decided which is the best type of Sat Nav system for your requirements use our comparison service to compare Sat Nav deals and find the right Sat Nav at the best price. We compare deals from loads of UK retailers and directly from manufacturers so can quickly compare Sat Nav deals for the model you are interested in at the cheapest price from a trusted UK retailer.

How Does Satellite Navigation Work?

Sat Nav uses the global positioning system or GPS (originally developed by the US army) to calculate your position by sending signals to the global positioning satellite which orbits the earth. The GPS system works out longitude and latitude which it uses to relate to a road map to calculate your position to within 10 metres. Sat Nav systems have now built in many other clever features to take into account traffic, average road speeds, speed cameras, congestion areas and more to help you find the quickest route.

Keep Your Sat Nav Safe

Being small, portable and relatively expensive a Sat Nav can be a tempting to a thief. Never leave your Sat Nav on display and try not to leave any tell tale sucker signs which indicate a Sat Nav has been in use. Try to park in a secure area when possible and make sure you car is locked and windows are fully closed. Finally, make sure you register your Sat Nav with the manufacturer and keep a note of the serial number too.

Do I need to be a tech savvy to use a Sat Nav?

Not at all. Almost every Sat Nav is very straight forward to set up and use. Most Sat Nav systems will work straight from the box, just plug them in to your car’s cigarette lighter and stick them to your dashboard or widescreen. With touch screens and easy to use controls most people will have no problems using their new Sat Nav.

What about Sat Nav for bikes (cycles not motorbikes)?

There are a range of sat nav systems designed specifically for bikes and cyclists including smaller light weight sat navs that are attached to your bike and a range of sat nav watches designed especially for cyclists which incorporate a range of extra functions such as heart rate monitors. See our guide for a selection of the best sat nav for bikes on the market today.

Sat Nav Reviews:

We give each sat nav a star rating which is based on our experience and a collection of expert sat nav reviews. Use these sat nav reviews (our star ratings) and the comparison table to compare specs and price to make sure you pick the best satellite navigation deal for your requirements. We hope to add customer sat nav reviews to our site in the near future so you can add your own sat nav review.

Sat nav best buys

Looking for the best sat nav to buy? Look no further than our sat nav best buys guide which will help you decide which is the best buy sat nav deal for your needs. We’re got all the major GPS systems and models covered from a wide range of satellite navigation manufactures with an easy comparison of features and functionality for this year’s best buy sat navs. We’ve covered satellite navigation systems form Garmin, TomTom, Navman, Navigon, Becker, Binatone, RAC and more including UK, European and rest of the world satellite navigation devices.